Please read the notes carefully before you purchase.

We have been the reputed company for last 10 years which provide a Unique and alternative method of Obtaining IT Certifications at ease.

“ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” Rightly said, our action speaks, so please
Try our service once with smaller amount exam, then you can proceed with the whole
Track. Still you might have some queries and we have tried to cover them up.

  Question 1: How can I trust your service?

We have been into this service for last 10 years. You can go paying one by one exam, and then you will not be on a risk.

Question 2: Can you guarantee that my exam result will not be revoked by the certification issuers?

Rest assured, So far we have never seen any exams getting revoked by vendor. We have plenty of satisfied customers, since we have authorized testing centers. So you don’t need to bother about this.

Question 3: Why are the listed prices higher than other companies?

Our input cost is high, just to provide you quality we only do one exam a day at our each testing center as we have much collaboration and to ensure your exams don’t get revoked.

Question 4: Many websites of IT substituting companies are similar to yours. Are they your partners?

We don’t have any partners only is the place to order.

Question 5: Can you provide me any Testimonial Note or successful cases for preview?

We don’t publish any testimonials; just to prevent client’s privacy.

Question 6: Why don't you show the certificates and any clients in the site?

All Certificates and score sheets are the personal property of our clients. We do not publish their certificates over web, as you also may not like to get your certificate to be published here publicly.