We have been the reputed company for last 10 years which provide a Unique and alternative method of Obtaining IT Certifications and Exams by Vendor like MICROSOFT, CISCO, COMPTIA and respective vendors.

Our service helps you to avail IT certifications at home with easy steps.

We are in collaboration with a lot of testing centers Worldwide, which are authorized by PEARSON VUE and THOMSON PROMETRIC.

100% Pass Guarantee!

100% Safe Payment!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Q. What is your service? Is it an online course?
A. No, we do not offer any kind of online training course. We are an authorized exam agent who will help you obtain IT certification with your least effort. We have several prometric or vue testing centers worldwide, we get your exams done from authorized testing centers only.
Q. Is this service legit?
A. Yes, The answer is positive as all the exams will be conducted in the area where obtaining IT certifications for customers is legit.
Q. If the test is shown as being done in UK, will that not be a problem if someone realizes that I am based in US?
A. Not for ever. The testing site information will not appear on your certificate, the wallet card, the score report and the official certification site. In one word, it is totally the same wherever you do the tests.
Q. Are these exam passes registered at Microsoft / Cisco? So if anyone checks the status with Microsoft /Cisco, it can be confirmed as a proper exam pass?
A. Definitely. Exams will be taken at the authorized testing centers with the help of the certified instructor.
Q. Will I receive genuine certificates, badges and certification wallet card in my name?
A. Of course. You will receive a full package of welcome kit mailed directly from Microsoft/ Cisco (or respective company) at your mailing address that you will provide us.
Q. What will be the payment terms?
A. Definitely the payment will be in advance. We accept payments through western union, money gram, xoom, pay pal, credit card and bank wire.
Q. Can anyone come to know about the location from where the exam is taken?
A. Your score report only contains site ID which is known only to the testing center, so your company or vendor can’t find from where the exam has been taken. And, all certifications are globally valid and accepted, so it doesn't matter from where you have taken the test.
Q. How to use western union, money gram or xoom payment options?
A. Connect us at for the receiver details, locate nearest agent from agent locator to you go and make the payment with details given by us. If you reside in a country from where credit card is accepted, use your credit card to make payment and mail us payment tracking number, As we will collect your payment we inform you by mail and we proceed to your work.

Please feel free to ask us any more query or details at